About Us

Who we are:

Twelve Records is an independent dance and electronic label based in Crotone( Italy ) founded and managed by DJ Producer Giuseppe “Joe” Crugliano. The Label was born around the project THE STYLE of Giuseppe and the soulful singer Samuele “Samuel” Comite, as the main channel to produce, distribute and promote their music but soon expanded into the market producing and bringing third party artists projects.  In 2011 in fact, Joe Crugliano produced and launched DEVOTION, the first production as THE STYLE together with Samuel, which helped the duo gaining international reputation into the Soulful House Music industry thanks to the support of House Music icons such Barbara Tucker and Maurizio Clemente. But late 2011, thanks to the increasing demanding of remixes and productions from other artist, the Label starts to release new singles from artists such Emory Toler and Remonia Dixon (Don’t Be Lying). In 2012 , after a short period of company assessment and reorganization, the release ratio ramps up with a number of high quality projects together with Vicky Martin, Chanelle, Kiki Hawkins, Thomas De Lorenzo, Doc Link, Tony Lebron, Leo Lippolis, Swift of DJN, Supa just to name a few.

What we do:

Twelve Records produce and distribute quality dance music trough an extensive network of more than 90 digital stores over 240 countries.For every project, Twelve’s team and partners (Agencies and Promoters) provides a widespread promotion, reaching more than 300 contacts including AAA  “tastemaker” DJs, worldwide reviewers and press (both print magazines and online sites), and compilation A&R. The Marketing activity gives each production exposure to more than 1600 Radio station both digital and terrestrial in USA and Europe, potentially reaching 100 million of listeners. Twelve also produce professional Videoclips and takes care of song marketing assets such Covers, CD packaging etc.

TWELVE Recording Studio

Twelve Records runs internal production studio facility, that provides the best sound and production quality for both internal and third party productions, offering Song Writing, Recording, Production, Remixing and Mastering services to everyone who needs to bring ideas to the next level.